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ASAP Charter

ASAP Overview

ASAP stands for the Alliance of Security Analysis Professionals™.

ASAP started out as a small band of security support sites under siege, but has expanded rapidly to include the "Best of the Best" the Internet Security Community has to offer.

ASAP is made up of internet security oriented website and forum owners, administrators, and staff, as well as individuals, companies, and various organizations also dedicated to providing security related support to computer end users.

ASAP is a joint effort dedicated to assisting end users with as seamless a process as possible by using methods such as cross-referrals, multiple product support services, easy information access, and cross referencing with verification.

ASAP's goals are:

  • To ensure a high standard and quality of security support no matter where you seek help.
  • To recommend in an equal and fair manner products available to keep your computer clean and safe, regardless of pricing.
  • To ensure that end users are not affected by so called "product wars" and unfair marketing tactics, which have plagued several industries in recent years.

ASAP ensures that quality support and assistance will be freely available - knock one of the support networks out and another will pick it up immediately. In addition, pooled resources permit the ability to provide support redundancy, thereby adding an additional layer of protection against Internet based threats.

If you see the ASAP logo or banner used by a website, bulletin board, or individual, you can be assured that you're getting the best support and assistance possible. ASAP members have varying fields of expertise: some ASAP members provide assistance with anti-virus software, firewalls, computer hardware issues, security updates, phishing, etc., while others provide log analysis and specialized malware removal. The combined efforts of all ASAP members are dedicated to providing free security-related support to computer end users.
ASAP is a non-profit, volunteer network.

ASAP Code of Conduct
  • ASAP members and member sites will not knowingly infringe the valid intellectual property or other rights of others.
  • ASAP members and member sites will not advocate or solicit violence or other criminal conduct.
  • ASAP members and member sites will not knowingly violate any law, regulation, or contract.
  • ASAP members and member sites will not promote participation in multi-level or pyramid marketing initiatives.
  • ASAP members and member sites will not knowingly advocate the use of pirated software.
  • ASAP members and member sites will not deliberately promote or recommend security products known to be rogue, such as those listed at The Spyware Warrior List of Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spyware Products & Web Sites.
  • ASAP member sites will not knowingly allow abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually explicit, or threatening content in the support forums. ASAP sites are family friendly, and accessible by all.

ASAP Membership Requirements

General Requirements for ASAP Membership

Applicants must own or operate an Internet security focused site or service, or be an active supporter and/or staff member at such a site or service in order to be considered for membership.

Sites and posts of applicants are reviewed to ensure that quality support is being given before being granted membership.

Applicants must agree to the ASAP Charter.

Site Requirements for ASAP Membership

  • The site provides information and/or support free of charge.
  • The site has no obtrusive advertisements (i.e., pop-ups, pop-unders, in-views, tool-tips).
  • The site resides on a reliable hosting account (free hosting accounts are not generally regarded as reliable, but all hosts are carefully considered). Means of financing paid sites to defray web operation expenses are at the discretion of the site owner(s).
  • The site is responsible for establishing liability policies on any issues arising based on the help provided at said site.
  • The site has been in operation for at least one (1) year and/or is recommended by Administrators of three (3) other ASAP member sites.

Site Administrators are responsible for content and conduct of staff on their sites. A periodic review process will ensure continued quality of support and compliance with the ASAP Charter.

Site Administrators understand that if site policies are changed such that the site no longer meets the criteria for membership in ASAP, the site will be removed from ASAP listings.

Member Requirements for individual ASAP Membership

Any Applicant for individual ASAP membership must be a member of or regular contributor to an ASAP site or support forum for a time sufficient to substantiate the quality of help provided to users is appropriate. Applicants require either:

  • Recommendations of three (3) other ASAP members in good standing
  • Their classroom instructor(s)
  • Site Administrator(s)

Applicants who provide assistance in log analysis/malware removal and have completed training are requested to provide the name and location of the school(s) where they received training and certification. Multiple certifications are not necessary, but will be taken into consideration. Applicants still in training will not be deemed eligible for membership until training and certification has been completed in at least one school.

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ASAP Logo Usage

As the ASAP trademark and/or logo(s) are associated in the public eye as representing selfless volunteers freely donating their time to the betterment of the Internet as a whole, displaying said trademark and/or logo(s) either as a recognized site or as an individual is a representation of ASAP and as such constitutes agreement of and continued compliance with the ASAP Charter.

An ASAP logo regardless of its origin represents a trademark belonging to ASAP and becomes the property of ASAP even when "personalized".

As an ASAP logo signifies that the site or individual using it is an approved member of ASAP, usage of an ASAP logo constitutes usage of the ASAP trademark.

Members or sites using an ASAP logo must comply with the following trademark guidelines:

  • Only sites listed at have permission to display an ASAP logo on the site home page, portal, header or footer
  • Site owners who are members of ASAP but whose site has not met the site requirements may display the ASAP logo in their personal eMail and/or BBS signatures
  • While creating individualized ASAP banners is acceptable, publicly displayed banners should not reflect any individual's site (personalized site banners used soley on the site in question are permitted)
  • Any URL link attached to the ASAP logo is to be to the ASAP site, not to the individual's site.
  • An ASAP logo shall not be used in conjunction with solicitation of personal donations in return for assistance to users/visitors through signatures (i.e., signature links to personal payment accounts), private messages (PMs), emails, or any other form of communications at support forums.

ASAP Grievance Guidelines

If an ASAP member or member site is viewed as not in compliance with the ASAP Charter, substantiation is to be presented to the ASAP Administrator Council (hereinafter to be referred to as Council).

A formal substantiation of non-compliance must identify the specific section(s) of the ASAP Charter alleged to have been violated; describe the action(s) which allegedly violated the identified Section(s), together with the date(s) of the violation(s); links to the violation(s); and describe the remedy requested.

Any presentation of a substantiation of non-compliance with the ASAP Charter or other undocumented issue by another ASAP Administrator, Founder or Council member within the Admin Lounge will be considered acknowledged at the time of posting.

Any presentation of substantiation of non-compliance with the ASAP Charter or other undocumented issue by a non-ASAP member or Administrator will be promptly posted in the Admin Lounge and acknowledged to the presentor after posting.

The Council will consider the complaint and provide a response. In the event the Council concurs with the complaint, the member or member site administrator will be provided a warning by the Council, said warning to include a reasonable time for response, depending upon the issue. If the situation is not corrected in a timely fashion, the member or member site will be removed from ASAP.

In such instances where a guideline is not in existence within the ASAP Charter for the reported behavior, the Council will determine whether the issue is such that further consideration is deemed necessary.

If so deemed, a Grievance Committee will be convened to review and prepare a recommendation to be presented for a vote by ASAP Member Administrators. Said Grievance Committee will consist of a minimum of two members of the Council and three member administrators and will have a maximum of two weeks in which to conduct findings and present a recommendation.

Until the process is completed, the party against whom the grievance has been lodged is notified that the grievance has been filed, is allowed to respond to the appropriate group, and is notified as each step in the procedure is completed.

If the Administrators do not approve the new policy, the grievance is closed. In the alternative, the member or member site will be notified by the Council and be provided with a reasonable time for response. If the situation is not corrected in a timely fashion, the member or member site will be removed from ASAP.